Interlaboratory Technical Project МС 02/2023

Dear Colleagues,

PT provider UCLSB invites you to take part in Interlaboratory Technical Project MC 02/2023. Test subjects will be: Hardened concrete, according to the pointed standards and parameters (characteristics) in the following table:

Test subjectCode of the standardName of the standardTested parameters (characteristics)
Hardened concreteEN 12390-3Testing hardened concrete - Part 3: Compressive strength of test specimens.Compressive strength /ua/
EN 12390-7Testing hardened concrete - Part 7: Density of hardened concrete.Density of hardened concrete /ua/

/ua/ - under accreditation, within the scope of accreditation of the PT provider; /oa/ - out of the scope of accreditation of the PT provider

Additional information regarding Interlaboratory Technical Project (ITP) MC 02/2023.

Deadline for accepting applications for participation: 31.03.2023;

Payment deadline: 30.04.2023;

Sending the samples to the participants: by 05.05.2023 at the latest;

Conducting the tests: 16.06.2023.

Preparation of the final report: no later than 30.07.2023;

Detailed information will be given in the instruction for conducting the interlaboratory comparison and proficiency test QF 4.4-5. You will be informed about all other changes that may be imposed during the course of MC 02/2023 by e-mail.

Please, in case you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mails or!

* The date indicated as the start of the respective project is also the date from which the acceptance of participation requests begins.

** Requests for the relevant project, in English and Bulgarian, can be found in the "PT schemes" section of our website:

*** The due date of the relevant project means that this is the deadline for the preparation of the report, unless otherwise stated in the instruction (QF 4.4-5).

Note: All participants will receive further instructions for the process of implementing the relevant PT scheme. The minimum number of participants for a parameter to be included in the relevant PT scheme is 5.