РТ provider UCLSB

PT Provider UCLSB


PT Provider UCLSB /ССЛСБ – Cyrillic abbreviation which is pronounced SSLSB/ is the first accredited provider of proficiency testing through interlaboratory comparison in the area of construction not only in Bulgaria but on the Balkan Peninsula. The provider is a result of the objectives of the Union of Construction Laboratory Specialists of Bulgaria Association and it is its structural unit which has the same abbreviation.

The accreditation of PT Provider UCLSB started in May 2013 with the submission of accreditation documents to the Slovak National Accreditation Service (SNAS). After two on-site assessments by SNAS teams in August and November 2013 respectively, PT Provider UCLSB was officially awarded a positive decision and it was granted accreditation in December of that same year.

The scope of accreditation of PT Provider UCLSB consists of eight product areas as follows: Fines and Coarse-grained Aggregates, Hardened Concrete, Filler, Bitumen and Bitumen products, Soils, Concrete Products, Asphalt /bituminous/ mixtures and Cement.

You can learn more about product areas and relevant parameters in the "Legitimacy" → "Scope of Accreditation" section.