Начало / PT схеми / Междулабораторен технически проект МС 02/2020 (Приключен)

Dear Colleagues,

Due to the World pandemic because of the COVID-19 and declared emergency in most of the countries including Bulgaria I would like to notify you that the deadline for submitting and accepting of the applications for participation in Interlaboratory Technical Project MC 02/2020 is prolonged till May 15th 2020. The decision that has been taken is due to the fact that COVID-19 world pandemic makes the processes of sampling, preparation and distribution (shipping) of the test items very complicated.

The prices for participation in MC 02/2020 remain the same as it is in the invitation for participation (QF 4.4-3) which was sent to you in the beginning of February 2020. You may see the new deadlines and periods for submitting and accepting of the application forms (QF 4.4-4), making the payment as also preparing of the final report in the renewed (date of change 31 March 2020) invitation for participation (QF 4.4-3) which is available for download after the table with the test items and tested parameters.

Here is more additional information about Interlaboratory Technical Project (ITP) MC 02/2020, which is partly pointed in the table below:

  • The deadline for submitting and accepting of application forms: May 15th 2020;
  • Payment period: from May 16th till May 31st 2020;
  • Distribution (shipping) of the test samples: 10th July 2020 at the latest;
  • All tests shall be made: in the beginning of August 2020;
  • Preparation of the final report: 18th September at the latest;

More detailed information will be given in the instruction for conducting of proficiency testing QF 4.4-5.

You will be notified in due time via e-mail for all changes that may occur during the conduction of ITP MC 02/2020.

Please, in case you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me via mail (sslsb@yahoo.com), viber, whats’app (00359879688684) or a phone call. I will disconnect and I will dial you afterwards in order for you not to make any expenses.

In case that some of you who have already applied for participation in ITP MC 02/2020 want to cancel their participation, please do that by informing me via mail! You will receive a confirmation e-mail by me for your accepted cancellation.

All of you who have applied with the electronic version of the application which is on our official website will get a confirmation mail for the receipt of their application.

You do not have to send a new application form (QF 4.4-4) because in the renewed application changed on March 31st 2020 the date of the start of ITP MC 02/2020 is the same!

Thank you for your understanding and support!

Test subjectCode of the standardName of the standardTested parameters* Beginning of the project** Acceptance of applications till*** End of the project
Hardened concreteEN 12390-3:2019Testing hardened concrete - Part 3: Compressive strength of test specimens.Compressive strength /ua/03.02.202015.05.202031.08.2020
EN 12390-7:2019Testing hardened concrete - Part 7: Density of hardened concrete.Density of hardened concrete /ua/
Aggregate (Fine or all-in)EN 1097-6:2013, clause 9Tests for mechanical and physical properties of aggregates - Part 6: Determination of particle density and water absorption.Particle density, (ρа, ρrd, ρssd) /ua/
EN 1097-6:2013, clause 9Tests for mechanical and physical properties of aggregates - Part 6: Determination of particle density and water absorption.Water absorption, (WA24) /ua/
EN 933-9:2009+A1:2013Tests for geometrical properties of aggregates - Part 9: Assessment of fines - Methylene blue test.Methylene blue value /ua/
EN 1744-1:2009+A1:2012, clause 15.1Tests for chemical properties of aggregates - Part 1: Chemical analysis.Potential presence of humus /ua/


* The date which is pointed as a beginning of the relevant project is the date when acceptance of the applications starts.

** Application forms for the relevant project in English and Bulgarian may be found in the “PT Schemes” section on our webpage: http://ptprovider.sslsb.org/en/pt-schemes/

*** The end of the relevant project means that this is the deadline for the report to be prepared in case nothing else is stated in the instruction form QF 4.4-5.

/ua/ Under accredtitation (covered by the scope of accreditation)

/оа/ Out of accreditation (not covered by the scope of accreditation)

Note : All participants will receive further instructions for the process of implementing the relevant PT scheme. The minimum number of participants for a parameter to be included in the relevant PT scheme is 5.